A Seasonal Skyline Themed Outdoor Mural

The Mural was designed keeping in mind that 50 Grade 1 students and 100 Kindergarten students were to take part in the process of painting it.

Fall had just began, and as we were painting it we were also drawing inspiration from the environment around us. The changing colours of the leaves, the ridges on a tree trunk, the skyline shapes; all were part of our design.

The Mural consists of 3 sides (the 4th side was inaccessible)

  • Fall Side
  • Winter Side
  • Spring / Summer Side – Where the Doors are

The abstract skyline is continuous all around with little recognizable elements of our lovely city. The skyline was worked on by Grade 1s using paint rollers. The skyline shapes were pre-taped.

The ground consists of stenciled shapes of the kindergartners’s drawings of leaves, flowers and butterflies. Also present are wooden elements painted by all students in the forms of various animals, insects, leaves etc.